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Obtain your competitive web address with Exclusive Hosting – a trusted domains accounts deliverer, before it’s too late. Free domain name controls – edit name server settings, edit Whois details, multiple parked domains.

CLOUD Hosting

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Select where to run your sites with Exclusive Hosting – a cheap CLOUD hosting accounts provider with almost ten years of experience in the industry. MySQL web hosting data centers in USA, England, Sweden & Australia. A drag & drop Control Panel.

Virtual Private Servers

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Accommodate your web sites in the United States, England, or Australia with Exclusive Hosting - a cheap private virtual server solution provider with a solid background in the virtual hosting business. Sign up today – get a no-cost Site Manager & a free IP.

Semi-Dedicated Servers

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Find more power for your demanding applications with Exclusive Hosting – a low-cost semi dedicated hosting server service provider. Get a user-friendly interface, a Free Site Builder and a Free 1-click Web Apps Installer. 24x7 support.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

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Get the best hosting conditions for your sites with Exclusive Hosting – a cheap dedicated server hosting solutions provider. You will be offered a Free Control Panel and a few free dedicated IPs. OS options. Full root access. No server configuration fees.